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Why Houses Are So Cheap in Laurel, Mississippi

Hi, readers! Today, we’re going to take a journey to the heart of the South and explore the fascinating town of Laurel, Mississippi. We’re diving into a fun question: “Why are houses so cheap in Laurel, Mississippi?” By the end, you will learn about the reasons behind affordable housing in this charming Southern town.

Size and Demand

One of the biggest reasons houses are so cheap in Laurel, Mississippi, is because of its size and the demand for houses. Laurel is a smaller town, not a huge city like New York or Los Angeles. Big cities are crowded and many people want to live there, which makes houses more expensive. But in smaller towns like Laurel, there are fewer people, so there’s less competition to buy houses. This makes the prices go down. It’s like a big game of musical chairs. If there are lots of players and only a few chairs, everyone will fight to sit down. But if there are lots of chairs and only a few players, everyone can easily find a seat.

Cost of Living

The cost of living is another reason why houses in Laurel are so affordable. The cost of living is how much money you need to pay for things like food, clothes, and utilities. In places like San Francisco or New York, the cost of living is really high. That means everything, including houses, costs a lot more. But in Laurel, the cost of living is much lower. So, not only are houses cheaper, but daily life is cheaper too!

Economic Factors

The economy of a place can affect the price of houses. Laurel was once a big player in the lumber industry, with a lot of jobs related to that. But over time, those jobs went away as the industry slowed down. This change made the town less prosperous, or rich than it once was. That means less money is moving around in Laurel, which also helps to keep house prices low.

Rural Setting

Laurel is in a rural, or countryside, setting. It’s not surrounded by many big cities or busy industries. This can make life slower and quieter, which some people really love. But others might want the excitement of city life or the opportunities that come with bigger industries. Because of this, there might be less demand for houses in Laurel. And remember our game of musical chairs? Less demand means lower prices.

Historic Homes

Lastly, many of the homes in Laurel are older, historic houses. These houses can be beautiful and full of character. But they might also need more upkeep and repairs than newer houses. Because of this, they can be cheaper to buy. But remember, if you buy a historic house, you might need to spend extra money to fix it up and keep it in good shape.


The low cost of houses in Laurel, Mississippi is due to a variety of reasons like its size, cost of living, economy, rural setting, and the age of its houses. So if you’re looking for a quiet, affordable place to live, Laurel might be the perfect place for you. But remember, while the houses may be cheap to buy, you should also think about the cost of living and the potential cost of repairs to older houses.